CYUT students win big at ITEX 2023

The Battery-less Pest Trapping Box is invented to reduce pest control cost and achieve non-toxic agriculture.

International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) is the most anticipated show for inventors, scientists, and manufacturers. Participants are eager to get a sneak peek of stellar inventions from around the globe. This year, CYUT got five entries vying for the invention competition in ITEX Malaysia. They all won prizes out of a thousand entries, winning 3 golds and 2 silvers.

 Applied chemistry student, Chang Chun-Wei, developed an environmentally friendly slow-release fertilizer from grapevine biochar, successfully reducing agricultural costs and promoting a green economy. This invention won him a gold medal.

 Another gold-winning invention came from information and communication engineering students: Hsieh Chun-Yang, Huang Min-Ting, Ku Yao-Hsuan, Li Bing-Yan, and Yueh Bo-Heng. The Battery-less Pest Trapping Box combines pheromone lures with pest-capturing box mechanisms. When the number of trapped pests exceeds a certain level, the mechanism will flip and change its color. This new method alarms farmers about the pest situation without using IC chips or batteries but with simple image recognition. It significantly reduces the cost of pest monitoring and achieves non-toxic agriculture.

 The Small High-Efficiency Biochar Burning System is a gold-winning invention by Hsu Chan-Wei and Chen Hai-Wei of industrial design. It is a pollution-free carbonization furnace suitable for communities and small to medium-sized farms. Besides removing agricultural waste, the furnace can reinvest the burned biochar and ashes into farming. The design is geared towards total waste combustion, effectively reducing waste smoke and achieving environmental sustainability.

 President Cheng Tao-Ming is delighted that students gradually make their marks in international invention exhibitions. Until now, they have won 76 golds, 108 silvers, 44 bronzes, and 37 special mentions in various competitions. Some successfully worked with manufacturers for patent and technology transference. While some, with the help of the Entrepreneurship and Creativity Business Development Center, started their businesses. The school will continue its mission to achieve sustainable development goals through innovation and technology.

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